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The Hemmed In Prayer ministry began in 2013 with just a few ladies who had a desire to use their talents to serve God.  We began sewing pillowcase dresses which were sent to mission organizations for their missionaries to use in reaching others with the gospel.  Soon after, we began sewing shorts for boys and eventually adding shorts for the girls also.  This past year we have added skirts for the older girls and Santi-panties.  These items enable the older girls to stay in school longer to obtain a better education. 

It is such a blessing when we hear reports from the missionaries about the excitement when the dresses and shorts are given out to the children.  Many times, we have received pictures of the children’s smiling faces as they hold up their new clothes.  As of this date, our group has made and sent over 2,300 dresses, 1,100 shorts, and 800 Santi-panties!  

We have reached many places in the world – countries in Africa, Central and South America, Cuba, Philippines, Haiti. 

In the fall, we focus on items for the Nursing Home here in Wentzville, making lap quilts, walker totes, clothing protectors and shoulder wraps.  Not only do these items meet physical needs, but they also show God’s love for the people. 

The ministry is hands on – cutting out projects and sewing them.  We work in our homes and on our own schedules as our time permits.  The projects are easy, and we supply necessary patterns and will help with fabric and notions if needed.  

We always welcome more people to join our ministry.  There are ways to be involved if you do not sew.  You can donate cotton fabrics, and most importantly, you can pray for the ministry and the ones receiving the items. 

If you want to join us, or have a questions, please contact Kathy Volkmann at (636) 639-5362, or e-mail to .

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